Traffic light for lucille ave
Written by Jonathan Cohen on 5/23/2007

To Whom it May Concern,

There have been 3 young kids hit by speeding drivers. they use our block lucille ave to quickly get on the park way, but they are goin way to fast. they all need to slow down. my brother almost got into a car accident by backing out of the drive way with a speeding car, please sign this so you can be a part in saving lifes.

We, the undersigned, agree with this petition and demand something be done to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

1) caroline cohen signed on 5/23/2007
2) matthew cohen signed on 5/23/2007
3) linda cohen signed on 5/23/2007
4) kenneth cohen signed on 5/23/2007
5) Jonathan Cohen signed on 5/23/2007
6) james medina signed on 5/4/2008
7) kathy medina signed on 5/4/2008
8) victor medina signed on 5/4/2008
9) MmENdevRSLVQZTMbhcf signed on 9/11/2017
10) lkeLnXyPJb signed on 3/5/2018

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