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1)Pave 93rd Street from Seneca to High School written by Stephen Meyer. 75 signature(s).Added 2/15/2013 Sign the petition Zoom
2)Safe Routes to School written by Shelley Kirkpatrick. 138 signature(s).Added 4/21/2012 Sign the petition Zoom
3)Traffic light at 85th & Broadway written by Angela T. Preheim. 298 signature(s).Added 2/16/2012 Sign the petition Zoom
4)Light @ Park written by Chris. 15 signature(s).Added 2/14/2011 Sign the petition Zoom
5)Making A Difference written by Simran :). 13 signature(s).Added 12/19/2010 Sign the petition Zoom
6)Please add stop sign on Halsted @ Scott/Kingsbury! written by Rachael Perrin. 5 signature(s).Added 10/3/2010 Sign the petition Zoom
7)Close Gum Log Cut Off Road written by Christy Anderson. 2 signature(s).Added 9/20/2010 Sign the petition Zoom
8)This intersection needs to add a right green arrow written by Scott Canoni. 6 signature(s).Added 9/8/2010 Sign the petition Zoom
9)Light needs to turn green more(Terrace View Drive) written by James Myers IV. 1 signature(s).Added 6/28/2010 Sign the petition Zoom
10)Stoplight for Gov. Burke/NC57 in Hillsborough written by Shelby Taylor. 25 signature(s).Added 6/10/2009 Sign the petition Zoom
11)Needs A Traffic Light written by Irving D Delgado. 5 signature(s).Added 2/1/2009 Sign the petition Zoom
12)Sign and save a life. written by Brittany Dallas Ford.. 7 signature(s).Added 10/20/2008 Sign the petition Zoom
13)Save our children written by Mr & Mrs Kenneth Norris. 128 signature(s).Added 1/29/2008 Sign the petition Zoom
14)Yale ave written by Melissa B. 4 signature(s).Added 1/23/2008 Sign the petition Zoom
15)Simple Fix for Big Problem written by Griff Foulke. 3 signature(s).Added 10/20/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
16)Railroad and Traffic Light Should be Disconnected written by Scott Canoni. 4 signature(s).Added 10/7/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
17)Stop All of the Rear End Accidents! written by Scott Canoni. 12 signature(s).Added 10/7/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
18)Turning Arrow written by XM81. 4 signature(s).Added 9/25/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
19)4 way stop or light written by Michael Schnuerle. 12 signature(s).Added 9/25/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
20)Anderson Hwy (Hwy 20) and Willingham Road Petition written by Candice Mosley. 3 signature(s).Added 6/23/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
21)Traffic Light at Route 20 and Harmony Rd.,Huntley written by Roland Coronado. 2 signature(s).Added 5/27/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
22)Traffic light for lucille ave written by Jonathan Cohen. 10 signature(s).Added 5/23/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
23)Quit impeding traffic flow for non-emergency uses written by Tom G. 3 signature(s).Added 3/4/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
24)Petition For A Traffic Signal Device written by Brian Kile. 11 signature(s).Added 2/23/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
25)165 and 431 Intersection written by Crystal Curbow. 11 signature(s).Added 2/12/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
26)In memory Ashlee,Brandon and Alex written by sarah pippard. 13 signature(s).Added 1/23/2007 Sign the petition Zoom
27)Only Lets About 3 cars Through on Suwanee Dam Road written by Larry English. 27 signature(s).Added 1/25/2006 Sign the petition Zoom
28)Construction that NEVER ends! written by A Frustrated Driver. 1 signature(s).Added 11/10/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
29)Mayfield Road/SOM Center Road Traffic Improvement written by Jaikaran Singh Sawhny. 7 signature(s).Added 10/26/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
30)Route 309 and Carverton Road written by Joe Smackey. 10 signature(s).Added 10/25/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
31)Horrible Light written by Larry English. 5 signature(s).Added 10/21/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
32)NEEDS LIGHT! written by Postal Commuter. 4 signature(s).Added 10/20/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
33)Change the timing at the Sears at 7 Corners written by Shaun Dakin. 3 signature(s).Added 10/20/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
34)12 Mile at Berumuda needs traffic sensors written by Jesse Goodier. 264 signature(s).Added 10/20/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
35)Stop sign needed at AL 279 interswith U.S. 72 written by Paul R. Matthews. 5 signature(s).Added 10/20/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
36)Fix the light timing once and for all! written by Tim. 3 signature(s).Added 10/20/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
37)Light timing is off creating major (1 mile) backup written by Fred Binder. 3 signature(s).Added 10/20/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
38)Saftey Must Come First for Our Families! written by Alex N. Blanton. 2 signature(s).Added 10/20/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
39)Right-turn-only lane E/B Southern @ Power written by Derek Hofmann. 6 signature(s).Added 10/20/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
40)Exit Lights Don't Correspond written by Nick Ward. 4 signature(s).Added 10/18/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
41)Stupid Light written by Ali Topeq. 5 signature(s).Added 10/17/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
42)Better Merge Signs written by Kevin Cooney. 4 signature(s).Added 10/17/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
43)Need to lengthen the green light written by Jim Downey. 114 signature(s).Added 10/16/2005 Sign the petition Zoom
44)Needs Motion Sensor written by Scott Canoni. 44 signature(s).Added 10/8/2005 Sign the petition Zoom

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