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Saftey Must Come First for Our Families!

Written by Alex N. Blanton
Created on 10/20/2005

Dear City of Monrovia, We, the families and residents of Monrovia, are requesting that the streets around Monroe Elementary School and Olive Park be modified to ensure the saftey of the children and pedestrians that need to cross or to play safely in the area. The intersections of Mayflower and Olive, and the length of Olive between Mayflower and Monterey can be treacherous due to the amount of pass through traffic and blatant disregard for speed limits. We ask that stop signs be added on Mayflower Ave both North and South at Olive Ave to protect those who must use the cross walks here. We are also requesting that speed bumps be added at regular intervals on all streets surrounding Monroe Elementary, except on Mayflower, and along Olive Ave between Mayflower and Monterey to protect the park area, from those speeding up and down this street as a pass through. Our families deserve safety, especially that of our children. Monrovia is a city dedicated on the principles of fairness and equality for our families, and we believe that this is the just course of action to ensure this for all. Thank you. Sincerly, Families of the City of Monrovia

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