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Governor Burke Rd & NC Highway 57
Hillsborough NC 27278
Added 6/10/2009 Zoom
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I had a bad wreck here because of the lack of visibility. There is just a stop sign and I feel that isn't nearly enough.Added 6/10/2009

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0Added 6/10/2009

1)Stoplight for Gov. Burke/NC57 in Hillsborough

Written by Shelby Taylor
Created on 6/10/2009

To whom it may concern: Please put a stoplight at the intersection of Governor Burke Rd. and NC57. There is a rise just before that obstructs visibility completely only a few yards past the intersection. This has resulted in several severe accidents. There is a stop sign, but that has proven insufficient. Furthermore, Governor Burke and 57 are both busy roads during commuting hours. A traffic light would cause a reduction in accidents as well as improve the flow of traffic.

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1) Shelby Taylorsigned on 12/31/1969

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