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Baxter Ave & Goddard Ave
Louisville KY 40204
Added 9/25/2007 Zoom
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At exit to Mid City Mall and Baxter Theaters, and busy Baxter Ave, and cut through street Goddard Ave.Added 9/25/2007

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2Added 9/25/2007
1Added 9/25/2007

1)4 way stop or light

Written by Michael Schnuerle
Created on 9/25/2007

Traffic from Mid-City Mall and Baxter Theaters, combined with the fast Baxter traffic (who usually go over the 35mph limit) and the cut-through Goddard Ave traffic, make this a bad intersection for anyone wanting to make any turn. Parked cars block your view, and the offset position of the parking lot exit and Goddard make it hard for people to turn at the same time. Also, there is a crosswalk here that is never heeded by the fast moving Baxter traffic. A 4 way stop with flashing lights would be ideal, or a pressure sensitive stoplight with walk buttons.

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12 signature(s)
1) Kirsten Paige Bentleysigned on 12/31/1969
2) Scott Canonisigned on 12/31/1969
3) Heather Grossmansigned on 12/31/1969
4) Peter Scott Campbellsigned on 12/31/1969
5) Roselyn Tomasulosigned on 12/31/1969
6) Michael Schnuerlesigned on 12/31/1969
7) Joshua Kunkelsigned on 12/31/1969
8) JyqCwsjpsigned on 12/31/1969
9) XjCvkTIOCPBhEYPsigned on 12/31/1969
10) bFbSKaiWaYWksigned on 12/31/1969
11) ifSavlCLuArsigned on 12/31/1969
12) JkWemWIOoGDCSmhbfsigned on 12/31/1969

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