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El Camino Real & Faraday
Carlsbad ca 92010
Added 3/4/2007 Zoom
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Traffic lights are hyper-sensitive to light traffic on Faraday - this has been done intentionally to benefit non-emergency traffic to & from government officeAdded 3/4/2007

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3Added 3/4/2007

1)Quit impeding traffic flow for non-emergency uses

Written by Tom G
Created on 3/4/2007

The Carlsbad city engineers have set the traffic lights on Faraday to be artificially sensitive to non-emergency (and light) traffic flow on Faraday. This unnecessarily creates southbound blockage in the morning, and northbound in the evenings without serving any useful purpose for anyone other than themselves at a cost to other Carlsbad citizens.

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3 signature(s)
1) Earle Grueskinsigned on 12/31/1969
2) Tom Gsigned on 12/31/1969
3) pYXWBKJeMaoJHswksigned on 12/31/1969

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