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Tamiami Trail & Citrus Ave. / Inlets Blvd
Nokomis FL 34275
Added 2/23/2007 Zoom
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Needs A Traffic Light! - Don't let the revitalization plan hurt local business's and make your travel more dangerous!Added 2/23/2007

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0Added 2/23/2007

1)Petition For A Traffic Signal Device

Written by Brian Kile
Created on 2/23/2007

This location at the intersection of Tamiami Trail North and Citrus Ave. / Inlets Blvd is about to be restricted to a designated turn lane, meaning that you will no longer be able to travel from Inlets Blvd (The Inlets, RE/MAX, Park Isles Plaza) across to Citrus Ave. (Kile's Ace Hardware, Venetian Cleaners, Century 21, Citrus Highlands Neighborhood). You will no longer be able to travel North Bound from the West side of the intersection without turning South on Tamiami and doing a U-Turn on a 6 lane highway, and you will not be able to go South from the East side of the intersection without having to go North and perform a U-Turn. As most of the locals know there have been many accidents in this area and I think all the people who travel this highway, that has grown to the near 40,000 travelers per day, would agree that there needs to be a light here. Although it may cost some extra tax money and you may have to sit at one more light on the way to the beach, but how much is a human life worth? Thank you for taking a look, and please if you agree take a minute to sign the petition. Thank you for you time and support.

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10 signature(s)
1) ERICA LITTLEsigned on 12/31/1969
2) KRISTEN LITTLEsigned on 12/31/1969
3) MARGE PRESTAsigned on 12/31/1969
4) BRUCE KILEsigned on 12/31/1969
5) KILE\'S ACE HARDWAREsigned on 12/31/1969
6) KAREN L KILEsigned on 12/31/1969
7) Scott Lubellsigned on 12/31/1969
8) Megan Rowesigned on 12/31/1969
9) Brian Kilesigned on 12/31/1969
10) Bethanne Crosssigned on 12/31/1969

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